About Me


I’m an ordained minister serving St. James Presbyterian Church in Chatham, Ontario. I have a wife and two teenage kids. We are the proud and sometimes frustrated owners of a pure white cat.

In one of those moves only God could engineer, I started out as Roman Catholic but ended up as a Presbyterian. Go figure. As did any good pure-blooded Italian like me, I went to Catechism and was confirmed but drifted away from the church and religion shortly thereafter. During my brief career as a Computer Technician, with the help of my wife, I came back to faith and eventually felt called to serve God as a minister. It’s been an interesting ride.

Why did I choose “At Crossed Purposes” for the title of my blog? Well, first off I’m serving Christ as symbolized by the empty Cross. So, I write with His cross as my purpose. Secondly, I use the tools of society in a way that is (or at least tries to be) counter-cultural. My purpose is to go against the grain of societies hollow, wealth driven values by using its own tools to promote holy and loving values. Thus work at crossed purposes. Or at least I try to. I like to think of myself as a work in progress.

To learn more about me, click on the link to my personal website:


or visit my church’s website:


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