February 21

One particularly cold and blustery morning I needed to use the family Minivan to transport some rather bulky goods. The vehicle is strictly used as a hauler of big items or large quantities of things, as it’s too big and rather battered and bruised looking. It runs well, but it looks more like a vehicular version of Frankenstein’s monster than something one would be proud to introduce to one’s friends.
Since it’s not a daily driver, it sits unused for lengthy intervals. You can well imagine that it was covered in a generous layer of ice, upon which was a significant amount of snow. Once the door was open and I was settled inside, it started perfectly well. While it warmed up I did my best to free it from its wintery cocoon and did my best to free up the windshield wipers.
While I succeeded in removing enough snow and ice to make the Minivan safe, the windshield wipers would not work. Although I had loosened them, they either stayed completely motionless, or twitched sadly. Great. No wipers on a snowy day. That’s all I need.
Blown fuse? Frozen mechanism within the Minivan’s structure? Could I get them going if I pushed them a bit? Yes. The last thing worked. Well, it revealed that they would move under their own power, but only for one swipe of the windscreen. Rats. I pondered and played with them for a few minutes and then noticed that they were not returning to their “home” position at the very bottom edge of the windshield.
Was that the problem? Was the mechanism not knowing what to do since it could not come to rest properly? As I cleared the ice from the base of the windshield I could feel the wipers pressing down against the remaining ice even as I cleared it away. Once that last bit had been removed and they moved back down to their resting “home” position, they then started working perfectly! Huzzah!
Have you ever noticed that after a long trip, an extended spell of activity and busy-ness or being out of your comfort zone even for just a short period, there’s nothing better than returning to the place you call home? Finding ourselves back in a familiar setting where we can reset is vital for our health and mental well-being. Arresting our busy-ness in our usual restful spot allows us to reset and re-energize. There is no place like home, as Dorothy reminds us. Home is where all adventures begin after the last adventure ends.
Our Creator is our Spiritual place of rest, renewal and resetting. Through Jesus we find the home-base we need in order to be complete human beings. While we may wander far from home, we are always welcome back. And it’s always there for us. No matter how far we wander, we are guaranteed our place safe and sound in God’s heart, the place we can always call home.

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