January 24

You’ve heard the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”? Well, today, it is the absolute truth. It really has been changing pretty much every five minutes or so. From the vantage point of my office window I can see either heavy snowfall and grey skies, or bright sunshine and blue skies through scattered puffy clouds. It is both a humourous and intriguing experience. 
This quickly changing weather is not a random series of meteorological events beyond understanding. It’s not a cosmic joke or God playing dice in our part of the universe. The broken cloud cover is all one needs to see in order to know why things are changing so quickly: a lot of the clouds are grey and snow bearing. Thus, as this big, uneven canopy travels overhead, there are moments when it’s all cloud and snow, and moments when the skies are clear and the sun is visible. It’s not rocket science; it’s just clouds doing their thing. 
Understanding is a powerful thing. Glancing out of my window briefly, I see the clouds getting greyer and greyer further down the horizon. In a few minutes it will probably be snowing once again. I know the weather will change because I understand (a little bit) how clouds work. Because of this understanding I can accept the weather that is coming without shock or surprise. In fact, being forewarned, I know not to take any trips, a double incentive to stay put given our current Pandemic-caused lockdown in my province. 
Knowledge, you’ve also probably heard, is power. The more we understand, the stronger we are. By actively listen to friends, seeking not just to hear their words but to absorb their meaning and to hear exactly what is being said we can better know who they are and what they’re all about. Truly knowing our friends allows us to be in a full, healthy relationship so that we can enjoy our time together, build one another up and avoid hurting one another. 
Just as understanding makes for better friendships, it also makes for a better relationship with our Creator. The more we know, the closer we can get to the Holy one in whose image we were made. We learn about our friends through being together, sharing stories and listening beyond the words we speak. Knowing God happens the same way. God’s story is shared in the Bible; in turn, we share our story with God through prayer, and meditation and the way we live our lives. 
As part of God’s Creation, we can learn something about God even through things like weather that changes every five minutes. Understanding natural processes gives us insight into God’s creative process. Being made in God’s image also means that we can learn about our Creator from our fellow God-made creatures since they reflect who and what God is. That’s a pretty amazing gift: we can learn about God through virtually every experience and person that touches our lives. What’s even more amazing is that, being made in God’s image the more we learn about God, the more we learn about ourselves!

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