December 20

The Giurin household is blessed by a trio of happy partiers that dance whenever the sun is shining. Well, OK, it’s a collection of solar powered Bobble-body figures that move back and forth or side to side. Wallace, Gromit and the sheep (or the Rave, as my adult daughter calls them) bring me great joy both because of their happy-go-lucky dancing and the way that they instantly respond to the sun.
Actually, saying that they respond to the sun is a bit of an exaggeration. The Rave happens happily even on cloudy days, as long as it’s bright enough. And there’s no hesitation or waiting, no slow ramping up of the choreography, just an instantaneous dance party that starts once the bare minimum light threshold is surpassed. I love it.
As a human-thingy who often takes a long time to get up to full speed, and a participant on many committees that often move more slowly than glaciers during the ice age, I appreciate the instantaneous response of the Giurin Rave. No achy joints slow them down, and there is no prolonged discussion or planning process to determine just when to start. Once the right amount of light hits their wee solar panels, they’re off and dancing without a care in the world.
Sometimes I wonder that I, or anyone else for that matter, gets anything done at all. Ideas take time to process and sometimes never take flight at all. Sometimes the will is there but the energy is not. Sometimes there are just too many distractions to start, let alone finish, a project. Sometimes it just takes too darn long to get all the ducks in a row, and once they are, they don’t stay there very long. Any number of excuses can be found to delay starting something.
The Giurin Rave doesn’t care about any of those things. As long as there’s enough sun, they’re off, dancing their hearts out until the light finally fades below their minimum energy requirement.
Of course, along with their instant-start, I love that they are driven by the light of the sun. All they need are right number of photons and they’re off. What a great metaphor for we human thingies. Jesus, the light of the world, is all we need to move and thrive. It shines brightly even on our darkest days. It guides our feet through our difficult journeys. It beckons to us with hope and possibility. If only we could all respond to Him as readily and quickly as do the three little solar-powered figures in my kitchen window; if only we could dance as freely and joyfully as they do in the presence of Christ’s divine light.
Maybe one day. For today, I’m thankful that we are blessed by Him, and that He is patient enough to wait for us to respond in any way whatsoever. It doesn’t have to be an instantaneous response, or an enthusiastic one. Jesus will take us where we are, whether it’s dancing joyfully or simply leaning on him hopefully. We might be slow and hesitant, but His response is instant and loving. We never have to wait for His light to shine upon us. It’s always there for us. All we have to do is seek Jesus it out in our own time.

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