October 11th

A certain world leader who is disliked by many people recently was stricken with the COVID-19 virus. Other world leaders quickly offered their words of sympathy and of support. Despite the fact that many of these Presidents, Prime-minsters and Monarchs may not be this person’s friend or even had extremely warm national relationships, they were willing to offer their stricken colleague encouraging words and basic human kindness.
Those sentiments were not universal. Because this particular world leader is know for not always being entirely truthful, many people claim that he is lying about being sick. A good number of folks went even further, claiming that he feigned being sick in order to gain sympathy votes or for other political gain.
Some of his enemies even when so far as to wish him a slow painful recovery, while still others prayed for no recovery whatsoever, and that he simply die as a result of the Corona virus.
I’m not a big fan of this person. I find him petty, childish, hateful and generally rude and unkind to anyone that cannot advance his political agenda. At the same time, I believe that he is genuinely ill and that he is not pretending. I also hope that he recovers fully and that the process of recovery is quick  and as comfortable as possible. I might not like him, but I certainly don’t wish him any ill. While I hope that he does not remain in office much longer, and that he receives the due punishment he deserves for the harm and division he has caused, I hope that he survives. And, as I mentioned before, I believe that he is indeed ill and that this is not a ruse of any kind on his part.
I am distressed and disappointed in the people that I thought were friends I could trust claiming that his world leader is faking his disease. I am truly stricken to the core by their belief that it is simply a ruse designed to gain sympathy and possible political advantage. Christ taught us to love our enemies. I am very much saddened by the fact that these Christ-following people have so readily forgotten that teaching.
I know that many people would call me foolish or naive for believing a man with a proven reputation for lying. I may well be completely wrong, but as a follower of Jesus I would rather err on the side of love and have sympathy and compassion for this person rather than assume he is lying. I simply can’t accept that even he would stoop so low and even if he has, then I must take even more pity on him. For someone to lie about being sick points to an illness far deeper than the Corona virus. Whatever the truth may be, I prefer to believe that this person is genuinely physically ill, and will pray for his recovery and that he returns to full health and wholeness very soon.
As Jesus said, what good is it if you only love your friends?

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