“One Job”

September 20th

I recently donated blood. Canadian Blood Services makes an easy job of it. They are well organized and follow a regular schedule so that arranging for a donation and actually making it are as pain-free as possible.
Their organization is both impressive and vital as their donation centres change from day to day so that they can reach more people. The one I attend regularly is in Midland, about a 25 minute drive from where I live and it’s always held in the local sports complex.
The COVID-inspired need for social distancing and extra cleanliness has not hampered the Canadian Blood Services efforts. It has changed how they do things a bit, but the changes are nothing new in Ontario: mandatory masks, keeping apart two metres, a limited number of people in the space and all the other things that must be done. The only major change in the way CBS does things has been the addition of a dedicated cleaning person. Their one and only job is to clean the chairs and the surfaces we donors may have touched.
When I was there, the gentleman charged with the task was always busy. A steady flow of donors moving from station to station provided more than enough work for him, While we didn’t have a chance to talk to him, his efforts were much appreciated, both for what they accomplished, and for the quick and efficient way he did his job. He may not have been a part of the actual blood donation process, but he was still very much part of the team that made donating blood possible in these COVID-19 days.
It’s notable that the team actually collecting blood were multitasking; they would switch jobs, going from interviewing donors to taking their blood. In between donations they were responsible for cleaning each station, the one area the designated cleaner didn’t enter. In short, they did a few different jobs while the designated cleaner had only task to perform.
The blood donor clinics models life in that respect. There are some folks who do a multitude of different things in their course of life. There are others who only ever do just one. It might seem odd, or even unfair, but it’s reality, and there’s nothing wrong with it. God gave us different skill-sets and interests. None is superior to the other; each is a blessing we are invited to use to the best of our abilities. In turn, just as our gifts bless us, our use of them is a blessing to others, whether we are called to multitask or simply to do one job.
However God has blessed you, whatever unique gift or gifts you have been blessed with, is your way of blessing God and serving those around you. And our biggest job, the one that we all share, albeit in different ways, is to bless God by using our gifts joyfully and generously.

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