“Wee Seeds”

July 26th

I’ve noticed an interesting thing when I wash my hair. After rinsing as thoroughly as I can, if I take just a small drop of shampoo, I can get a really good, very bubbly, second wash. I guess that even with the best efforts at a thorough rinse, there is enough shampoo residue left to generate another good washing. All it takes is a wee seed to get the bubbles forming.
Wee seeds are like that. They make stuff happen, whether it’s summoning up another good batch of bubbles or giving rise to a fresh crop of tomatoes.
Wee seeds don’t have to be physical. Sometimes they are a word or and idea.  They have the ability to generate spirited debates, create new thoughts and even change hearts. It might be a word in passing, or spoken in excited haste. It might be one that means little to us but triggers something big in another person.
Sometimes it’s not even a word, but an action or an emotion. Any small act of kindness might generate personal growth that leads a softer, more loving heart or more positive view of people. A tiny, harsh or aggressive act may be the seed of resentment or a closing off of the heart.
Small things can have big results, personally or to others. As followers of Jesus, that’s a wonderful gift. Few of us are comfortable with big, extravagant actions. We’re not good with fancy words or powerful speeches. The power of wee seeds empowers us to do great things with very little. We might not have the wealth to end poverty, but our small contribution to a benevolent organization helps it to grow and thrive. We may not have the wise words to answer a friend’s deepest questions, but our wee words of support and care can help them work out a satisfying solution. We might not be able to perform miracles, but a wee, kind, gesture goes a long way to soothing a suffering soul.
The tiniest seed can have a mighty effect. What wee seed can you plant today?

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