“Get Outta The Way!”

May 31st

“Get Outta The Way!” come the excited words. The Star is moving through the crowd towards the stage, so we give her room to pass. She is the priority; we are not. The Doctor is rushing towards the victim, so we make room on the sideway for her to get through. Saving the injured one is all that matters. The Herald has big news to share, so we stand aside and give him our full attention. The information is too important to miss.
Sometimes we are not the most important person in the room. There are occasions when we have to “Get Outta The Way!”, moments when we’re not only the least of all, but when we are blocking someone or something that really matters and, whether we like it or not, we have to give way.
Priorities matter; when we’re the audience, the Star is the centre of attention and we must give her room to pass by; when someone is hurt, we must give the Doctor or first responders lots of space to get to the victim quickly and safely; when there is news of note that impacts us all, we must give centre stage to the Herald. Smart people know enough to “Get Outta The Way!” when necessary.
There are occasions, however, that it’s not a Star, or Doctor or Herald that needs us to step aside. There are occasions that we get in our own way, and while we should know enough to “Get Outta The Way!”, we don’t.
Whether it’s fear, pride, or lack of confidence, we can’t seem to give ourselves the space to succeed, or try, or admit to an crucial truth. It’s the “I’ll get to it tomorrow”, the “I could never do that”, the “What, me change?” and all the other excuses we empower to seem to get in our way block our progress.
Be the star of our own lives? Let someone help us when we are down? Learn something new? Our most likely response is “Get Outta Town!” rather than “Lemme At It!”. For whatever reason, we simply can’t, or won’t, get out of our own way.
But why? Will letting our fear, or pride or lack of confidence trip us up? Each one is a little lie undermining the truth of our own power, deserving, need to grow. God created us as wonderful, blessed beings of worth and importance.  Why not celebrate who and what we are, just as God does? Why not use your gifts fully? Receive whatever help is offered graciously? Why not learn and grow and mature into what God intends for you to be? Don’t let them win. Instead, go ahead and simply and emphatically tell your fear, pride and lack of confidence: “Get Outta The Way!”

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