“The Written Word”

December 29th

The mighty King had no idea what the words on the wall said. God’s hand had appeared. That he knew. God’s hand wrote four words on the way. He knew that as well. The words mattered. He got that. But what the words actually said, what message they conveyed, was beyond him. As mighty as he was, the king could not decipher those God-written words. And so the mighty King had to have them interpreted. Only a prophet of God, only the wise and faithful prophet,or Daniel, to whom the king have given the name Belteshazzar, could read what God had written.
Sometimes we have a hard time understanding things because, like the mighty King, we don’t know the words for ourselves and we need an interpreter. Sometimes we can’t decipher things because the words might be known to us, but they aren’t written so clearly. They’re messy and untidy and the page is filled with smudges and things crossed out.
That’s what happens when I try to write something out by hand. If you ever received a hand-written note from me, you’ll be lucky to make sense of it. I’ve never had a steady hand. My style has never been smooth and clean. Now, after a couple of injuries to my fingers, things have not improved. It’s hard to hold a pen properly and I get tired easily. As a result, I don’t hand-write personal notes any more. It’s too embarrassing, and it’s just not a happy experience for me to hand over anything less than my best.
God clearly liked the written word. God wrote an important note to a mighty King. God carved the law into stone. God even inspired Prophets, writers and kings to record the lessons, histories, laws, wisdom and lyrics we find in the Bible. But God also gave us the Word made flesh and spoken with living breath in Jesus Christ.
Jesus speaks what’s on God’s heart in a way we can all understand. Jesus lives out God’s written word, revealing the heart and soul of Scripture’s meaning. And so I print out my personal notes, because it’s not the medium that counts as much as the content. I’m not comfortable writing things by hand as the result is nothing like what my heart is expressing. If you need special training or a prophet to intervene, my personal hand-written note doesn’t really have much to say. But if I can share my heart with you clearly by taking advantage of modern, helpful, technology, then that’s the route I take. It’s the best I can do in order to share the best of who and what I am.

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