January 12th
It was the coolest thing, ever! OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that exciting, but I thought it was a great idea at the time. Nothing world shaking, just a friend’s phone that not only rang and vibrated when a call came in, but it flashed as well! How can you go wrong with THREE! different ways for your device to let you know what was happening? I wanted in! I had to have it! And within a few moments my friend had programmed my phone to flash whenever a phone call or a message came in. COOL!!!!!!!!!
Day 2: COOL!
Day 3: Cool.
Day 4: cool…
Day 5: cool?
Day 6: Turned off.
Change is good. New ideas are great. But sometimes, what seems cool or exciting or interesting at first glance isn’t nearly as thrilling as it appeared to be at first blush.
That’s OK.
It’s a mighty big world out there. God has given us the kind of creativity that knows no limits and we use it to its maximum potential. On top of that, God has made us unique in both our abilities and our tastes, so we we have lots to choose from when it comes to new ideas. Some, like having a light flash when someone is texting you might appear frivolous, but to hearing-impaired folks, they’re a great idea when receiving messages. It all depends on one’s needs and situation.
Trying that option on my phone might not seem like an earth-shaking decision but it points to the larger reality of trying new things or changing course. Not everything works out. What seems like a great idea in theory might not be such a wonderful thing when put into practice. When that poor choice makes itself known there is no shame in admitting it and moving on. It might not be easy. There may be consequences. Even with careful thought, planning and prayer, doing a new thing may not end up being the right thing. But there is nothing worse than not trying something new or different.
Who knows? Maybe trying something different might help us appreciate what we have all the more, or perhaps point to an even better idea that does work out in the end. One thing is for sure: if you don’t try something different you will never know for sure whether or not it was the coolest thing ever.

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