October 20th

I was going to write about Tryptophan, an Amino acid found in Turkey (and other meats) that can help you sleep. There’s a lot of interesting information about that particular chemical compound and how it contributes to feeling tired and ready for a nap after that big Thanksgiving dinner many of us enjoyed recently. However, in doing my research, I came across other interesting information about how the body processes Amino acids. Which opened the door to a few things about chemistry. And then science in general. Followed by scientists. Which inspired a peak at history, which, eventually led to an adventure in distraction and a whole new train of thought for my thoughts which only thought of Tryptophan in a secondary way.
So, thanks to Tryptophan, I’m actually thinking about how easily distracted we humans can be. Sure, most of the time we stick to the one task, but all too often we find ourselves travelling down the proverbial rabbit-hole, whether it’s in the course of a conversation that’s supposed to take five minutes but takes an hour, research that leads to far too many things being studied, or chores that seem to multiply as the desire to clean the house eventually leads to a trip to Toronto in search of that original Barry Manilow vinyl LP that you finally didn’t buy the last time you wandered your way to the record shop when looking for a good used Muffler and matching hat…
I think that a lot of times people aren’t bad, even though they might hurt others. I think that a lot of times we’re simply distracted. I think that our own self-interest distracts us from loving others fully and without reservation. I think that our busy-ness trying to get ahead distracts us from helping others along their journey. I think that we’re so preoccupied with getting life just right that we’re distracted from simply enjoying it and doing our best.
Jesus was clearly focussed on His work. Yet he could be distracted along the way, like when a woman challenged him to help her even though she was a foreigner. He was distracted from prayer by a crowd hungry for Spiritual food and in need of a dinner midway through His teaching. Yet, as distracted as he might have been by those little side-trips each one still contributed to His primary goal of drawing us closer to God.
Distractions are normal. They are a part of life, a part of interacting with others and letting them ask questions not related to the conversation you’re already having. Distractions can relieve stress, open our minds to new ideas or maybe even take us to where we actually should be. And, like Jesus, when we’re focussed on God and what God desires of us, even our distractions can be holy moments.
And now, we should probably all get back from this little distraction to what we had actually intended to get done today…

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