August 18th

I believe that we Humans are both physical and Spiritual beings. We are made of mundane chemicals arranged in quite spectacular ways to give us our material bodies. We are also filled, animated and informed by God’s own essence, the Spiritual component that is as important as our physical selves.
God’s Spirit is in control. It not only gives us life, it directs that life so that we might honour our creator. Each and every person that was, is or ever shall be is filled with this common elemental essence. We are all Godly beings, united in our Creator’s heart, yet each of us is a unique individual.
Just as our bodies can break down or become ill, our Spiritual selves can also suffer injury and malaise. If we don’t take care of ourselves by praying regularly, studying God’s word, doing our best to follow Jesus’ example and joining together to help and support one another, the Spirit within us suffers.
Just as we have to protect our bodies against dangerous or unsafe conditions, we have to protect our Spirits as well. There are those distorted, bent people who have allowed their minds and spirits to decay into selfishness, greed and malice. There are physical temptations that encourage us to be selfish and our own egos can lead us to become hungry for power and filled with a sense of undeserved self-importance. Some even suggest that Satan has a hand in leading us astray, although most evidence points to that evil creature as being more of a deceiver than actually causing bad things to happen by him- or herself.
God created us for God, as companions and as stewards of Creation. We were created in God’s image. Since God reigns over all things, that image is both physical and Spiritual, a literal embodiment of God’s essence, driven by God’s own wisdom and power, albeit on a much smaller scale.
God’s vastness cannot be contained in one body or one gender, and so there are many unique variations on the theme of God’s image. None is lesser or greater. Each of us is precious in God’s sight. We are equally loved and equally valued by our Creator.
Being created in God’s image, our highest calling is to reflect our Creator’s wisdom, creativity and love. We weren’t given life and Spirit for our own ends; our existence is meant to honour and praise the One in whose image we were created.
Together we express the otherwise inexpressible, each of us revealing a unique aspect of God. In the wisdom, goodness and creativity of others we catch a glimpse of God, just as they catch a glimpse of God in us. Together we reveal the Creator of the universe who is both physical and Spiritual…
…and 100 percent love.

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