June 30th

And, poof!, with the earth’s motion of a few degrees around the sun, our days have started to get shorter. That’s it folks. Slowly but surely, thanks to our planetary orb’s ceaseless motion around Ol’ Sol, the Summer Equinox has passed and nightfall will come ever so slightly earlier and the dawn will be a tiny bit delayed until the Vernal Equinox arrives and turns things around.
Don’t despair! We’re still on the winning side of the equation and our days will remain longer than our nights for quite a while. Summer is just getting under way and the temperatures are rising, the crops are growing and days and days of fun, vacations and glorious weather remain.
But those days are limited so if it’s your favourite season enjoy them now! Do what you want to do and go where you want to go because the coming days will never be repeated. Each 24 hour period marked by the rising and setting of the sun is a one-off event, unique and special in its own way. Yesterday was nothing like today which will be completely different from tomorrow. Sure, summer will return next year, and the year after that, but it won’t be anything like the one that we’ll experience this year, or the one we recall from last year.
Every day, indeed, every moment, is a unique, blessed gift. Some pass by with great fanfare and excitement, some slip by with the subtlety of the Summer Equinox. Some are best forgotten, some will be forever remembered, but not one, not one single day, is to be missed. It might be a start of a new adventure, a moment of rest, a single step along the way or a challenge to be struggled with, but each day, every single moment, forms part of our story, part of a life as unique as every day that ever was, is or is yet to come.
Within those precious days and moments, God has given each of us a life worth living and making the best of. God has created each of us as uniquely weird, wonderful and loveable beings that deserve all the love we have to share. And just like every moment that comes our way, everyone that enters into our lives is worthy of our attention and love.
Sometimes a person’s presence is fleeting. Sometimes it lasts a lifetime. Some people make our lives better. Some, not so much. Yes, we have to work around the challenging people, just as we have to struggle through those challenging days, but our struggles can make us stronger and better. We can’t avoid them, but we can work through them.
And in the end, we’re back to the fact that life is a fleeting, precious gift and that every moment counts, whether it’s a playful winter’s day, or another summer afternoon looking out the office window. Receive each day as the gift from God that it is and make the most of it, just as God does with the unique, weird, wonderful, loveable gift that is you.

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