June 16th

A good builder makes sure that every sound house must a good foundation. A foundation that is strong, straight, level, plumb and true is the key to building a house that will make a worth, lasting home.
While the foundation hold the house up and forms its base, the foundation must also have a firm footing. The ground within or upon the foundation is set has to be stable. It can’t shift or settle or drift away because it supports the foundation, keeping it from cracking or tilting and ensuring that it stays put. If a home is going to strong and stable, then its foundation must work with, or compensate for, the ground upon which it is placed.
We humans also seek solid and stable footing, but not in a physical sense. We’re mobile, both physically and mentally. We travel from place to place as well as growing and maturing over time. Because of this motion and progress, we can’t be permanently attached to the ground with a firmly fixed foundation. So our stability isn’t a physical thing; it is, rather, a spiritual, mental and emotional grounding, a sense of knowing who we and where we belong.
We are grounded by our family and our history. Knowing that we belong and where we’ve come from helps us to explore ourselves, our world and new things because we always have a place to fall back on. Knowing who we truly are, what matters to us, our strengths and our weaknesses allows us to navigate our existence confidently, to face whatever challenges may come and to grow and mature as we learn more about ourselves, our neighbours and life in general. Knowing what we believe, even if imperfectly, and who we can trust lets us explore the unknown and try knew things. Knowing that we are loved, that we are of worth in the world and that our own love helps others feel worthy helps us to face our struggles and to be our best even when challenged.
To be grounded is to have a sense of belonging and purpose that goes beyond our own selves. When we are grounded we can reach out to others, follow an unknown path, explore knew ideas and opportunities and to grow and mature into who God has created us to be.
And it is in God that we are all grounded and find our true identities. God created us as the ultimate form of self-expression, fashioning us to not only reflect God’s own nature, but to live according to who and what God is.
As followers of Jesus, the ultimate expression of God’s nature, we are grounded in a God of love, justice and compassion. Through Jesus, we find common ground as beloved children. Grounded in Jesus we are freed to explore what it means to love as we are loved, to serve as we would be served and to see and recognize God’s image in and through one another.

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